Michelle Rodriguez Shares Naked Meditation Photo

Michelle Rodriguez naked Thailand Michelle Rodriguez, angry princess of action films and not giving a f*ck, recently shared a beautiful photo of the ocean view in Thailand. 

Probably taken by her girlfriend of two wonderful months (model Cara Delevingne, who Rodriguez called “cool” and “awesome” to The Mirror), the shot features lovely palm trees, grass, luscious tropical shrubs and most of Michelle’s ass.

“A sweet break from worldly chaos not missing the city although the mosquitoes are killer out here love the peace & quiet,” Rodriguez wrote on Instagram.

To cure your boredom, imagine bloodthirsty snakes, skin-melting fire ants and “caterpillars that shoot a cloud of venomous hairs” (according to THIS), interrupting this careless nude meditation session.


Rihanna Kicked Out of Place of Worship For Smizing, Applying Lipstick

Rihanna sexy hijab Rihanna continued showing off her skills as a heat-seeking missile for illegal activity during her Diamonds World Tour this weekend. Following a photo with an endangered loris (which led to the arrest of two Thai men) and visitation to a sex show where a woman turned water into soda the way Jesus turned water to wine (with his vaginal walls), Rihanna defiled a Mosque in Abu Dhabi by simply being herself.

With lips redder than the devil’s dick and a Tyra-approved glare, Rihanna as her least sexual self is still too hot for the Middle East.

Maybe before her show tonight in Israel she can go take a naked dump on The Western Wall or Mount Sinai in a Mel Gibson mask?  Continue reading “Rihanna Kicked Out of Place of Worship For Smizing, Applying Lipstick”

Thai Man Marries Dead Girlfriend

The page where I discovered this article posed a question to readers, “hopeless romantic or macabre publicity hound?”

When it comes to a man marrying his recently-deceased longtime girlfriend I have to answer – definite macabre publicity stunt. Or chalk it up to insanity.

The man, Chadil Deffy aka Deff Yingyuen married Sarinya Anne Kamsook in a temple early in January. Kamsook lay in a coffin while her husband held her pale hand and slipped a ring on her finger.

He posted the “wedding” pictures on Facebook calling the album “Corpse Bride.” People who found those Duggar stillborn photos disturbing best keep away from any photographic proof of this. (How is this even legal?)