Trailer: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sony made their point completely rebooting Spider-Man just five years after Spider-Man 3 and we let it slide because 1) we had no choice and 2) we hoped the sequel would be better.

While this trailer does make The Amazing Spider-Man 2 look better than it’s predecessor, I question if it will be better or equal to Spider-Man 1 and 2 with Tobey Maguire.

Marvel’s villains continue to fail in comparison to DC’s, as Jamie Foxx’s Electro looks as silly and non-threatening as The Lizard and Sandman from Marc Webb AND Sam Raimi’s interpretations but the new, grittier Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan, In Treatment) may just save the film.

Trailer: The Amazing Spider-Man (4 Minute Preview)

If you’ve ventured onto the internet in the past few months or been to the movie theater you have likely seen a preview for the new Spider-Man movie (out July 3) starring real-life couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Here’s an extended preview of the movie, shown during America’s Got Talent on Monday (it’s just more of that bridge scene).  Continue reading “Trailer: The Amazing Spider-Man (4 Minute Preview)”

New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ And ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Posters

Movie posters for The Amazing Spider-Man graced the interwebnet several days ago, with a Bane-centric one for The Dark Knight Rises appearing just a day later, probably a hype response pissing contest of some kind.

I’m gonna have to say that the Spider-Man poster is a little more enticing/graphically interesting. Like everyone else, I’m still more excited about Batman. Christopher Nolan’s third and final film in the franchise can’t disappoint.

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