Get Ready for a Female Thor and a Black Captain America

female thor black captain americaEvery year at Comic-Con we see bundles of gender and race-flipped superheroes, and now, to delight of cosplayers everywhere, female Thor and black Captain America are a reality in the Marvel universe.

Steve Rogers is passing his shield to Sam Wilson a.k.a Falcon (played by Anthony Mackie in The Winter Soldier) and Thor’s hammer is being picked up by a woman.

Introduced in 1969, Falcon was the second mainstream black superhero ever after Black Panther in 1966, and the first to hail from the U.S. As for Thor, we’ll have to wait until October to find out about the mysterious woman who takes the place of the original and what he did to no longer be worthy of the title.  Continue reading “Get Ready for a Female Thor and a Black Captain America”

That Guy At The End Of ‘The Avengers’ Isn’t Hellboy

If you stayed for the credits at The Avengers you must have seen that “clue” offering a look into the sequel, featuring some non-humanoid monster which I thought looked an awful lot like Hellboy.

Of course, it isn’t Hellboy. What would a paranormal investigator from earth be doing floating around on a rocky planet in deep space?

Dark Horse Comics has no relation to Marvel and there was never a “Hulk vs. Hellboy” or “Black Widow vs. Liz Sherman.” Obviously Ron Perlman and Selma Blair would decimate Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson, but that’s beside the point.

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‘The Avengers’ Surpasses Every Weekend Box Office Title

The Avengers brought in a record-breaking $200 million dollars over the weekend, shooting past The Hunger Games, The Dark Knight, Twilight to knock Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (with $169 million) from the top spot.

So far it’s dominating only the biggest opening weekend movie list though at this rate it could compete with films on the domestic and worldwide gross lists that Avatar currently conquers.

I plan on seeing it on Thursday for matinée prices. Take that, crazy Twist trolls who complained about me being “an angry lesbian who doesn’t shave her arm pits and lives in a hippy tree” all because I called ScarJo a useless Black Widow.  Continue reading “‘The Avengers’ Surpasses Every Weekend Box Office Title”

Soundgarden’s New Song Aggravates My IBS

Out of the Seattle grunge explosion of Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Nirvana and Soundgarden I could have guessed that Chris Cornell would be the one the ruin my memories. Granted, Eddie Vedder almost did it with his Into The Wild songs and “Last Kiss” cover.

I’m referring to the song “Live To Rise,” Soundgarden’s first single in 15 years. It’s not bad enough that it sounds like Nickelback or solo Cornell (or even Rossdale) but it’s from The Avengers soundtrack.  Continue reading “Soundgarden’s New Song Aggravates My IBS”

Video: Shakira – “Addicted To You”

Shakira‘s still milking the success of her 2010 album Sale El Soland why shouldn’t she? Five singles strong and no sign of slowing down.

The fifth, “Addicted To You” (not to be confused with Madonna’s “I’m Addicted”) is an excellent representation of Miss Latin America’s usual style.  Continue reading “Video: Shakira – “Addicted To You””

Hulk Is ‘Our Generation’s Hamlet’ Plus Mark Ruffalo’s Genitals!

I can’t actually show you Mark ruffalo’s genitals. I’ll get in trouble. I can tell you that he thinks he has a tiny penis. Or at least that’s what he says to sound humble and get you into bed.

During a SlashFilm interview with Mark Ruffalo on playing Hulk in The Avengers, he was asked about filming in a motion capture suit near Grand Central station in New York:

“That was my first day and that was a miserable day. It was smoky, it was hell and I felt really uncomfortable. I’m not well-endowed, and those suits don’t really show you off in the most [flattering way].” Continue reading “Hulk Is ‘Our Generation’s Hamlet’ Plus Mark Ruffalo’s Genitals!”