The Human [Crotch] Centipede 2 Poster Revealed

A new poster for the Human Centipede 2, a sequel to what I consider to be the most shocking movie of all time. People are calling the poster “risque” and “controversial” but if you’ve seen the first film you’d know it’s actually tamer than bunnies in a meadow.

Seriously, I turned The Human Centipede (First Sequence) off after watching over half of it. I’m an avid horror fan who only flinched during Hostel when that eyeless Asian jumped in front of a train. (Not cause it was gory, cause it was sad)

BUT these movies, directed by Tom Six, are horrifyingly uncomfortable. They really make you feel like YOUR lips are sewn to to some chick’s poophole. You can feel their intestines in your throat, and all the needle injection points and awkward attempts at movement…

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