‘Big Brother’ Viewers and the Rest of America Should Never Be Surprised by Racism

BREAKING NEWS: There are racist people in the world! So racist in fact that they would spew their crazy hatred and unfunny stereotype-themed jokes all over television and other public outlets because they literally don’t see anything wrong with it.

Recently we’ve witnessed varying degrees of this with Paula Deen, Big Brother contestants Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman and the news program KTVU, who stupidly reported the names of Asiana flight 214’s pilots as “Ho Lee Fuk” and “Bang Ding Ow.”

I’m not saying that it’s not a big deal, or that these people don’t deserve to be reprimanded, but being surprised that racism exists in 2013 is a whole other kind of ignorance.  Continue reading “‘Big Brother’ Viewers and the Rest of America Should Never Be Surprised by Racism”

‘Fresh Prince’ Actress Janet Hubert Rages at Aisha Tyler For Uttering Her Name

Aisha Tyler The Talk Aunt Viv
Apparently hell hath no fury like a washed-up actress scorned. Remember Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? She was funny/good right? And it did kind of suck when she was replaced in season 4 by the less good, suspiciously lighter-skinned Daphne Reid.

Well, the great and powerful Janet Hubert, also known as Aunt Viv 1.0, is still absolutely furious at Will Smith and everyone else who worked on Fresh Prince for having her replaced. She’s also furious at anyone who talks about her on television. Like Wendy Williams, who dared to ask her guest, former FP star Tatyana Ali, about Aunt Viv 2.0 in March.

Hubert wrote a livid letter scolding Wendy for berating her fictional parenting skills, hinting that she felt especially betrayed because they’re both black women who should have each other’s backs. Continue reading “‘Fresh Prince’ Actress Janet Hubert Rages at Aisha Tyler For Uttering Her Name”

Joe Manganiello’s Giant Extremities Turn Sharon Osbourne to Mush

joe manganiello handsSome boys can’t keep their cool around Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models, and some girls fall to pieces in the presence of 6’5″ werewolf strippers.

I’m referring to Sharon Osbourne’s wandering eye during a sit-down on The Talk with True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello.

As Joe explained his storyline on season 6 and the time he decided to accept the role in Magic Mike because of his What to Expect When You’re Expecting co-star Chris Rock, a visibly distracted Sharon fondled his enormous hands.

“Look at these hands, look how big they are…. You have big feet too,” she screeched.  Continue reading “Joe Manganiello’s Giant Extremities Turn Sharon Osbourne to Mush”

Aisha Tyler Doesn’t Know Why She Wore This Dress

Aisha Tyler see through dress 1Actress, video game aficionado, Girl On Guy podcast creator, voice of Archer‘s Lana Kane and Self-Inflicted Wounds: How I Learned to Embrace the Epic Fail author Aisha Tyler roasted her fashion choices today during her other gig, on The Talk.

When discussing Megan Fox letting her husband pick out an outfit, Tyler admitted that she had no idea what she was thinking when she wore a see-through dress to the NAACP Image Awards without asking anyone’s opinion first.

(I don’t know exactly when she wore this, but it must have been sometime between 2001 and 2006.) Here are some of her comments on it…

“If you see this photo online, I don’t look gorgeous, I look like a who-re.”  Continue reading “Aisha Tyler Doesn’t Know Why She Wore This Dress”

Julie Chen’s Fu Manchu Kills On ‘The Talk’

Julie chen beard I always say “If it’s funny, it’s not racist,” and Julie Chen with a Fu Manchu moustache is absolutely hilarious.

Four of The Talk hosts (five if you count guest Carnie Wilson) donned beards for a segment where they discussed a woman with a hormone imbalance who grew out her facial hair for Movember, a yearly event that brings awareness to prostate cancer.

Sheryl Underwood (in a Santa Clause getup) joked that Chen “should be running an opium ring.”

“It’s times like these that I like to quote Confucius. And Confucius say ‘No pluck your stubble, good luck no trouble,” Chen responded, struggling to keep a straight face.  Continue reading “Julie Chen’s Fu Manchu Kills On ‘The Talk’”

Ladies Of ‘The Talk’ Take Off Their Faces…

The five hosts of The Talk made history on Monday when they taped an entire show completely bare-faced, without makeup, wearing only robes and towels.

“We really are girlfriends and because we feel safe with each other, we’re willing to show more of ourselves to the public,” explained show creator Sara Gilbert.

I missed the show because Andy Murray’s U.S. Open win interrupted my DVR settings, but I did see clips and photos later.

If Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood, Julie Chen and Aisha Tyler were having a contest to see who looked the best without even a hint of concealer, beloved Girl On Guy podcast-founder and Archer star Aisha Tyler would prevail.  Continue reading “Ladies Of ‘The Talk’ Take Off Their Faces…”

LL Cool J Teaches The Ladies Of ‘The Talk’ The ‘Tandem Turkey Twist’

LL Cool J visited The Talk to discuss the Grammys, his recently deceased friend Heavy D and to teach the ladies some completely impractical turkey-related exercises to get their chair-formed arses a lift of mama-said-knock-you-out proportions.

Sara Gilbert refused to hold a turkey because she’s a vegan (Pshh I was a vegetarian for six years and I never pretended meat didn’t exist for other people) ANYWAY she held a pumpkin instead while Mr. Cool J had them “work their cores” by handing off birds while standing back to back.

Continue reading “LL Cool J Teaches The Ladies Of ‘The Talk’ The ‘Tandem Turkey Twist’”