Clay Aiken’s Dreamcoat Speaks For Itself

Clay Aiken dreamcoat promoIf this promotional picture of Clay Aiken from a Maine production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat speaks for itself then why the hell am I filling this section with text at all? Habit? Fear that Clay Aiken fans will dislike the tone of the title and threaten me?

…No that’s definitely not it. I’m more likely to get attacked by a deer with Asperger’s.

I say that because I’ve been watching Parenthood lately, and also there was a socially questionable deer that used to wander into our yard when I was a child, but it had the opposite of Asberger’s, like no matter how hard you stomped your foot, put on a camouflage vest and threatened to turn him into jerky, the damn thing would still eat the roses.

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Aurora Theater Gunman Asks ‘Will You Visit Me In Prison?’ On AdultFriendFinder

There are a lot of chilling things happening in the case of Colorado shooter James Holmes.

Firstly, a 22-year-old writer named Jessica Ghawi who was among the 12 that did not survive Friday’s massacre, previously lived through a mall shooting in Toronto.

Second, the Gangster Squad trailer that was shown to audiences at the Century 16 in Aurora has been pulled due its brief depiction of a mass shooting inside a movie theater.

Third, several sources have confirmed that an AdultFriendFinder profile belonging to James Eagan Holmes is authentic. It was created on July 5 with the user name “ClassicJimbo” and contains the message “Will you visit me in prison?” 

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Neuroscience Student Kills 12 ‘Dark Knight’ Audience Members, Has Millions Talking Gun Control

Almost everyone who considered going, or did go to a midnight showing of Batman this morning just experienced a spine-tingling moment of silence and selfish relief.

At around 12:30 a.m., a 24-year-old UC Denver student wearing ballistic armor and a gas mask named James Eagan Holmes brought a machine gun to a Century theater in Colorado and killed 12.

Over fifty of the people in the Denver suburb of Aurora were injured, mostly from gunshot wounds, though some suffered chemical burns from what the police called a “smoke device.”  Continue reading “Neuroscience Student Kills 12 ‘Dark Knight’ Audience Members, Has Millions Talking Gun Control”