Video: Cher – “Woman’s World”

Before Lady Gaga and Madonna, there was Cher. A woman with a deep, echoing roar of a voice [like a yeti gargling rocks]. But really, I love her…

“Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves?” “Dark Lady??” The three m’s, Moonstruck, Mask and Mermaids. Hell, “Believe” (best served with “Video Games” by fellow rock-gargler Lana Del Rey) is one of my favorite songs to sing cartoonishly when there’s no one around to make me laugh.
Cher red hair gif woman's worldWomans world funny gif cher face
67-years-old and still making music, looking spiffy with paper hair. This would actually be my new favorite video if it weren’t for all the random female stereotypes.  Continue reading “Video: Cher – “Woman’s World””