Tila Tequila is the Latest Hitler-Sympathizing Non-Celeb

Tila tequila hitlerTila Tequila, who’s fan count is nearing 0, is a fan of Hitler. She called him “brilliant” on Facebook, posted a poorly edited photo of her standing in front of Aushcwitz and wrote that she is “Hitler Reborn” in all caps, just in case she didn’t already have your attention.

Tila has managed to keep her anorexic wrist-ankles just barely in that special spotlight reserved for d-listers after her bisexual MTV dating show and the passing of her socialite girlfriend Casey Johnson by saying crazy things, so it’s not super surprising that she’d resort to this.

It’s just important to remember that Hitler and his minions wouldn’t have hesitated to throw Tila’s Vietnamese relatives into an oven.

It’s never going to be f*cking “cool” to romanticize genocidal maniacs. Stop. 

Dial-A-Star Celebrities, F-List And Below

For anywhere from five to twenty seven dollars a minute, depending on how much dignity they lack, you can talk on the phone with real life porn stars celebrities with the new service, “Dial-A-Star.”

According to the outdated website it’s “the only place you can talk directly to a TRUE celebrity!” More reasons why it feels like a phone sex service – they use the words “discreet,” “completely private” and “anonymous.” And what celebs do you get to talk to? The biggest names are:  Continue reading “Dial-A-Star Celebrities, F-List And Below”

Tila Tequila Had A Near-Death Experience

Tiny TV personality, singer, model, blogger and self-proclaimed gangster Tila Tequila nearly died last week. Her roommate was forced to call 911 after discovering her convulsing on the bed of her home in California.

Sources are saying that she’d lost over 20 pounds recently and suffered a brain aneurysm. After that, she took two bottles of prescription pills, threw up, began screaming and tried to jump out the window.

Her roommate came over after he received an odd text from Tila, who was eventually hospitalized and kept in intensive care until Monday. The source also mentioned that she cannot speak properly at the moment and may have permanent brain damage.

I’m not going to make any jokes whatsoever about this one.  Continue reading “Tila Tequila Had A Near-Death Experience”

Tila Tequila Has An Old British Man Living Inside Her

I forgot to report on this when it happened, and I don’t think many people know but Tila Tequila not only has multiple personalities but she explained on July 27th, to Howard Stern, that one of them is an older British gentleman named “Owen!”

So besides there being a lot of other suspicious things “inside” her, there’s a multitude of people living in this little 4’11” bundle of manic Asian energy.

“Miss Tila” as she constantly referred to herself, came onto the show to promote her classy new song “You Can Dance” (I’m serious this song is funny, I love it!)

Stern asked her about a video that had surfaced of her cutting her wrists (which I can’t find) and she blamed it on another personality, named Jane.

“Look at my arm! It was Jane, my other personality.”   Continue reading “Tila Tequila Has An Old British Man Living Inside Her”