Goth Icons Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton Are No More

Tim Burton helena bonham makeupAfter 13 years, two children and 7 movies together, epic crazy-haired witch Helena Bonham Carter and slightly less epic crazy-haired warlock Tim Burton have split up.

It’s a sad sad day, but I know most people’s first question isn’t “Oh No, what happened?” it’s “Who the f*ck is going to star in his movies now??”

What other spicy gothic British woman with dirty Renaissance thift store swag could possibly fill her shoes? Do we really have to wait for Kate Beckinsale to lose her mind, or will Tim Burton throw us a bone and continue to work with his ex out of respect for the craft and the fact that his movies will suck even more without her…  Continue reading “Goth Icons Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton Are No More”

Trailer: Big Eyes

After years of tackling bizarre films about scissor-handed bondage enthusiasts, apes in space, Dracula and other monsters, almost all exclusively starring Johnny Depp, Tim Burton has turned over a new leaf. Title aside, Big Eyes is being billed as Tim Burton’s most “normal” movie since Big Fish, which, if you recall, still featured a giant and a witch.

Sans monsters and Depp, the movie is based on the real-life story of an artist (Amy Adams) whose husband (Christoph Waltz) took credit for her work in ’50s/60s-era San Francisco.

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Video: The Killers – “Here With Me” (Feat. Winona Ryder)

Tarantino has Uma, Scorsese has De Niro, and Burton has Johnny and Winona. Ryder hasn’t appeared in the flesh for a Tim Burton-directed feature since 1990. “Here With Me” gets fans a fraction closer.

Brandon Flowers and The Killers enlisted Burton to direct this nearly five-minute long video about a sometimes blonde/sometimes brunette starlet, her fan, and a wax figure.  Continue reading “Video: The Killers – “Here With Me” (Feat. Winona Ryder)”

The ‘Frankenweenie’ Soundtrack Is Awesome

I’m sure by now you all know that Tim Burton has a new animated film coming out about a canine brought back to life by his child companion, Victor.

You also probably didn’t care because like every other sensible person, you realized that Tim Burton hasn’t made an amazingly entertaining movie since 1999’s Sleepy Hollow.

I tend to assume that Frankenweenie (which is actually a full-length version of a short film Burton made in 1984) will be a repeat of Corpse Bride. Fun, but ultimately just, heartless and missing something.

Recently I found out that the one thing it won’t be missing is a cool soundtrack.

And I don’t mean that it’s “cool” in that old man way that actually means it’s comprised completely of Randy Newman, Phil Collins, or Stevie Wonder songs.  Continue reading “The ‘Frankenweenie’ Soundtrack Is Awesome”

Angelina Jolie As Maleficent, ‘Mistress Of All Evil’

Here’s a first look at Angelina Jolie in the role she was born for, as Sleeping Beauty‘s Maleficent. A classic Disney tale with a twist – it’s from the viewpoint of the villain.

In 2010, Jolie called the chance to work with Tim Burton “extraordinary.” Too bad that’s not happening anymore, as he has been replaced by first-time director, visual/special effects specialist Robert Stromberg.

I already have more faith in the quality of Maleficent (due 2014) now that Burton isn’t involved. He forgot how to make movies as soon as the countdown for the year 2000 began.

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Movie Trailer: Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows was a TV series that ran from 1966-1971. A vampire soap opera (starring Jonathan Frid) that wasn’t quite as popular as The Munsters and The Addams Family.

Now Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are looking to revitalize the story for current audiences. Depp, who called Frid’s performance  “classic” says:  Continue reading “Movie Trailer: Dark Shadows”

Guess How Many Frankenstein Movies Are In The Works?

At least six! Though Interview Magazine and AV Club report that the number is closer to eight.

And guess how many have been made in the past? 48! Since 1910.

Some very big names in Hollywood and some not so big, are involved in upcoming Frankenstein movies.

The list includes Guillermo Del Toro, Tim Burton, Shawn Levy, David Yates (Harry Potter 5),  Sam Raimi and Max Landis.

Here’s a partial list:

Frankenweenie (Tim Burton’s claymation project, starring Winona Ryder)

Wake The Dead (With Haley Joel Osment)

The Casebook Of Victor Frankenstein (Sam Raimi)

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