Scorned Polish Dentist Extracts All Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Teeth

45-year old Polish man Marek Olszewski showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s practice complaining of a toothache just days after he’d left her for another woman. He woke up to discover that all 32 of his teeth were suddenly gone.

Anna Machowiak, 34, told the Austrian Times“I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions. But when I saw him lying there I just thought, ‘What a bastard’ and decided to take all his teeth out.”

Machowiak reportedly locked the door and gave him a heavy dose of anesthesia. When he awoke, she put a bandage around his head so he couldn’t speak and told him there had been complications.  Continue reading “Scorned Polish Dentist Extracts All Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Teeth”

John Lennon’s Tooth Auctioned Off For $31,200

Once upon a time in the 60’s, John Lennon’s tooth fell out (probably in Liverpool) and he gave it to his maid, Dot Jarlett, to throw away.

By some magical turn of evens, Jarlett kept the tooth, after John’s suggested that she give it to her Beatle-fever-riddled daughter.

And there’s the reason for a woman even owning Lennon’s molar.

She didn’t pull it out in his sleep or pluck it out of his garbage, though it does look like a dirty, deformed unpopped popcorn kernel.

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Lindsay Got Her Teeth Fixed, Addictions Still Prevalent

After showing up to the Saint’s Row: The Third premiere a few weeks ago in L.A. with cavity-ridden teeth the color of what’d you find inside a campground Honey Bucket, we all wondered why Lindsay hadn’t paid to fix the damn things.

And guess what? She did fix them! She probably read my Lohan candy corn mouth article and realized that I was trying to tell her something.

She must have missed my other articles where I berated her for drinking like Tony Soprano and smoking more cigarettes than The Marlboro man, rest his soul.

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Celebs With Fucked Up Teeth

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As a fellow fucked-up teeth/tooth alumni, I admire celebrities (mostly) who can rock some slightly odd teeth.

I’m also a fan of at least half these people, especially Kristin Stewart, David Letterman, Mischa Barton, Freddie Mercury, Anna Paquin, Morgan Freeman and Keira Knightley…

But oi, I am not gonna ignore the fact that their teeth are a little sketchy. Regardless, rock that crooked grin, with your gaps, Chiclets, wolf teeth (Avril), or lack thereof!

[Show me your teeth]