John Xenu Travolta Heals Broken Bones With Magic Scientology ‘Assist’

John Travolta angelJohn Travolta tells Celebrity Magazine that he helped a man in China who had broken his ankle in a car crash. Here’s where it gets interesting. Travolta performed an “assist” to speed up the healing process.

It involves Scientology, giving another man a rubdown AND it’s like that movie Michael. You know, the one where he’s an unconventional angel who brings dogs back to life?

“I was in Shanghai recently at a work event and the Master of Ceremonies’ best friend had recently gotten into a car wreck. He had broken his ankle and was in constant pain,” he revealed in an article brought to light by Celebuzz called “John Travolta: Stayin’ Very Alive.”  Continue reading “John Xenu Travolta Heals Broken Bones With Magic Scientology ‘Assist’”

‘Fingle’ Is Twister For Your iPad-Loving Hands

There’s a new Twister-like game out for iPad which focuses on “The thrills of touching each others’ hands,” as is described on their retro-themed website.

“Explore the intimate touch of each others fingers with Fingle’s two-player puzzles. Break the ice or engage friends to get awkwardly close. Fingle is a cooperative two-player iPad® game about the thrills of touching each other.” Continue reading “‘Fingle’ Is Twister For Your iPad-Loving Hands”

Kiefer Sutherland’s Return To Fox

Fox has already ordered 13 episodes of a Touch, a new show starring my favorite blonde Canadian vampire, Kiefer Sutherland.

Sutherland plays the role of a father of a young mute boy (David Mazouz) who can predict the future.

The show is a project by Heroes creator Tim Kring, and it will air on Thursdays in Spring of 2012.

Sutherland is not the only veteran actor enlisted, Danny Glover will star as a professor who works with gifted children…

Continue reading “Kiefer Sutherland’s Return To Fox”