Jennifer Love Hewitt Broke Her Wrist While [Handjob] Training For ‘The Client List’

It seems Ms. HugeTits broke her wrist training for the role of a woman who is “forced” into working at a happy ending massage parlor on The Client List.

Unfortunately, J-Love did not sprain it after an especially vigorous simulated handjob, she did it boxing.

Jennifer likes to punch things, possibly pretending the bag is every member of the media who ever drew attention to her rapidly shrinking and expanding waistline.

“Guess who broke her wrist yesterday boxing to get fit for season two! I will be spending the weekend resting in my pjs,” she wrote on Twitter.  Continue reading “Jennifer Love Hewitt Broke Her Wrist While [Handjob] Training For ‘The Client List’”

Paris Hilton Takes DJing VERY Seriously

Paris Hilton told Hello! Magazine that she is less focused on sniff-testing perfumes and riding in cars with boys. These days, she’s all about being a full-time DJ.

On spinning at Sao Paolo Music Festival in May she says:

“I’ve been training every day for six to eight hours for the past year. I was up until 4am most nights, and then I had to change my set when I found out that it was going to be more of a pop crowd in Brazil, rather than a dance music crowd.”

While Samantha Ronson quipped, “It’s like me calling myself a doctor from reading WebMD twice,” but at least Paris’ professional beat-making boyfriend Afrojack could give her some pointers. I’m going to equate DJing to singing…  Continue reading “Paris Hilton Takes DJing VERY Seriously”