Beliebers Start Mass Wrist Cutting Trend on Twitter After Pot Scandal

Sad Justin BieberWhat do we know about Justin Bieber‘s fans? Well, we know that they’re teenage girls with low self-esteem and a lot of free time.

The thing is, after I found out that an anonymous user tricked hundreds, maybe thousands of his fans into making “#cut4bieber” trend on Twitter, I realized I may have underestimated just how extreme they are.

I figured Beliebers were cutting themselves because he’s become even more of a media target, but TMZ is reporting that they’re disappointed in his recent extracurricular activities and they think a Bic razor to the wrist might stop him.  Continue reading “Beliebers Start Mass Wrist Cutting Trend on Twitter After Pot Scandal”

‘Fridging’ Is The New Planking

Yesterday Nicki Minaj and her fans created what could easily be the new “Planking.” (A trend that entailed lying face down arms to sides on top of mundane objects or high places)

“Fridging” started after the little pink bubblegum alien Ms. Minaj posted a glamour shot (above) of herself, halfway wedged in the refrigerator.

This sparked her fans to send pictures of themselves in the fridge via Twitter, including some celebs like MC Heems from Das Racist, plus an older picture of Snooki….

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