Alec Baldwin Suspended From MSNBC For Rudeness

Alec Baldwin shirtless gunWhile testifying at the trial of a woman who sent emails about ovulation and sweet sweet love making, Alec Baldwin got himself in big trouble when he called a reporter “dumb.”

MSNBC is punishing him by suspending his interview show, Up Late, for two weeks.

From Variety:

He then insulted the reporter, saying, “You are as dumb as you look. You are with Fox, right?”

On Thursday, Baldwin warded off photographers he felt were getting too close to his family. At one point during the confrontation, he was heard using an anti-gay slur.  Baldwin later used Twitter to call attention to the offensiveness of such language.

Then he apologized for the millionth time, shoved Tina Fey in front of him and shocked her with a cattle prod until she convinced everyone that he’s a sweet and misunderstood guy.

Michael Jackson ‘Death Photo’ Surfaces In Dr. Conrad Murray Trial

The trial for Michael Jackson‘s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, is underway. Murray  is accused of involuntary manslaughter – distributing excessive medications that ultimately caused Jackson’s death.

A morbid photo of the pop singer was shown in the courtroom yesterday morning. It depicts Jackson in a hospital gurney, post-mortem…

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