Tuna Are Endangered Because Mick Jagger’s Daughter Rode Them To Death

When I think of tuna I think of sandwiches or Courtney Stodden’s dirty bloomers, but since the image of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall‘s naked daughter Elizabeth straddling a dead fish is now seared into my brain, I might be changing my tune.

Judge not, skeptics! Elizabeth Jagger is riding a yellowfin tuna into the sunset for a good cause. The “Fishlove” campaign to be exact. An exhibit that focuses on bringing awareness to endangered marine life.  Continue reading “Tuna Are Endangered Because Mick Jagger’s Daughter Rode Them To Death”

Nicole Scherzinger Really Likes Banana Tuna Pancakes

You might think that X-Factor judge/singer Nicole Scherzinger eats nothing but blended oats and grass twice daily but in her recent December cover issue interview with Shape magazine, she does reveal a few guilty pleasures.

I was born in Hawaii, so I love dried tuna dipped in soy sauce, kalua pig, banana pancakes with coconut syrup, and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. My gosh, I could gain 10 pounds just talking about these foods!”

Yeah I lied, she doesn’t put tuna on her pancakes. I just wanted to fabricated a bizarre flaw in a seemingly perfect person. (She does make a wonderful poster girl for these items though)

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