Yahoo! Asks If You’d ‘Wear’ A Dress Made Of 50,000 Gummy Bears…

An Alexander McQueen-inspired custom dress made of 50,0000 gummy bears was created for TWELV magazine. Yahoo asks “Would You Wear It?” Well, no Yahoo, I’m a sensible person, I’d do the expected thing and EAT IT.

In 55 seconds flat this whole 220 pound dress would be gone. All that would be left is a grinning 26 year-old Susan Boyle lookalike with multi-colored pieces of candy stuck to her braces.

I cannot find information on whether it’s made out of Haribo, Black Forest, or Albanese. The latter would be my guess since they’re the only ones who make the blue ones. Not that they couldn’t have just dyed them or used fancypants imported European gummies. Regardless, I’m sick of lollygagging…  Continue reading “Yahoo! Asks If You’d ‘Wear’ A Dress Made Of 50,000 Gummy Bears…”