Snooki’s Monthly Twitter Summary Dec/Jan

If I had to pick one celebrity to stalk I’d pick Snooki without hesitation. If you’re going to talk about a famous person who involves their fans in their life, it doesn’t get much better than Nicole Polizzi. This month she reached four million Twitter followers, which is twice as many as her fellow Jersey Shore castmates who harbor about one or two million each.

Her charisma and public persona are the exact reason. She’s a person who uses Social media to her absolute advantage, and her fans love her in turn for constantly keeping them up to date on her every waking move.

Do I check her Twitter every day or even every week? No. But like every fascinated American teen to twenty-something, I watch Jersey Shore. I am also greatly amused by her feed and multiple daily posts, which I like to overload on all at once, every few months.

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Pictures Of The Week (Eighth Edition)

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Pictures Of The Week September 20 – October 5. Here is it, all the meaningless, funny , fashionable or tragic pictures from celebrities – TV, movies, magazines and wherever else you can imagine.

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