Tyler, The Creator Got Arrested, Pretended It Never Happened

MTV Best New Artist VMA winner Tyler, The Creator was arrested on December 22nd at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles for vandalism. Even though there’s a mugshot and police report, he’s denying the whole thing.

Tyler (real last name: Okonma) was performing with his group, Odd Future, when the situation got out of hand. Roxy employees were forced to call the police after he yelled at the sound tech and destroyed a microphone and soundboard.

His denial doesn’t surprise me, the guy may be one the biggest ignoramuses I’ve ever seen. His Twitter, the site he used to express his fake surprise at the story of his arrest, reads like Rush Limbaugh’s thought process. Here are a few gems from it…

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Tyler, The Creator’s Millionth Offensive Rap/Rant

Hey MTV, the guy you gave the Best New Artist VMA to is a certifiable douchebag and I seriously question his validity and talent.

He wrote a song called “Bitch Suck Dick” where him and his equally down-syndromy friends talk about anal, poking eyelids, dick jewelry and punching women for “talkin’ shit.”

Everything this little cocksmith does is for shock value but the only thing shocking about his music is how bad and pointless it is…

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Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Lebron Dissed in New Game Track

August 15th, a new track from Game (formerly The Game) was leaked onto YouTube. The song, “Martians Vs. Goblins,” from his upcoming R.E.D Album has guest vocals from Lil’ Wayne and Tyler, The Creator.

The song disses several major names in the business including Rihanna (something about snatching her up and throwing her “in front of a fuckin’ train?”)

And Bruno Mars, dissed by Tyler, The Creator for “Sucking dick and fucking male butts in the same closet where Tyler Perry gets his clothes from.”

And Miami Heat star LeBron James, dissed by Tyler, “Fall back like Lebron’s hairline against the Mavericks” and Game, who mentions boning Lebron’s mother while Delonte West (former LeBron/Cavaliers teammate) videotapes it?

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