Nicki Minaj Prefers Lippy Paupers To Cocky Princes

In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine Nick Minaj let the world know that men who try to blow her mind and say they’re the best at this moment in life with their super blazin’ wallets make her dungeon dragon sad.

Enough snarling Minajian song references, this is serious business. Nicki says:

“I may be smiling in their face, but my antenna is up…When they’re trying to show off their cash or their watch, it’s an immediate turn-off.”

Then she put her pink shoe in her mouth a little bit by spouting a little too much confidence, kind of like those same guys who flaunt their benjamins to her:

“I’m around millionaires and athletes every day who think, ‘All I need to do is get in a room with Nicki Minaj’ and they’re gonna leave with my number…You can’t run game on a rapper. I’m always 10 steps ahead of you.”

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Rihanna Isn’t Attracted To Hetero-Looking Men

Rumors  and pictures of Rihanna’s new “We Found Love” video co-star Dudley O’Shaughnessy made me realize that Rihanna has a very specific type – aesthetically gay black men.

Even baseball player Matt Kemp (far left) could easily pass for a sexy gay dude. And Chris Brown? He’s a disgusting, womanizing piece of trash, metro trash…

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