Beyoncé is Turning Into Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Beyonce lookalikeWhen you think of strong black women in the industry, Beyonce and Tyra Banks are two names that hopefully come to mind.

One’s a successful singer, the other a successful model, about 10 years apart in age, and the older they both get the more they start to morph into each other.  Continue reading “Beyoncé is Turning Into Tyra Banks”

With the Help of Makeup and Photoshop, Tyra Banks Becomes White

Tyra as cara dBlack supermodel Tyra Banks recently posted photos of herself transformed into a few white supermodels, which upset a handful of idiots who complained about “whiteface” somehow being as bad as blackface.

This reminds me of the fucking cockamamie argument that it’s okay for us all to say the n-word just because black people do. Funny because I don’t recall anyone voluntarily entering shackles in the 1800s.

It’s also Tyra Banks, the maniacal puppetmaster who told us all to kiss her fat ass as she impersonated a homeless person, an ugly person (or was that the same episode?), and dressed her ANTM girls up in everything from drag to their birthday suits and dangled them out of windows for fun.

The Cara Delevingne impression is actually spot-on. Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford not so much. In a new batch of photos she uses her magic to become black again, mimicking Iman and Grace Jones.

Bella Makes Her Final Kristen Stewart Face – ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ is Over

On Sunday I dragged my withered tuckus to a matinée of Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

I saw the past three movies in the theater (New Moon made Eclipse look like it was based on a Pulitzer finalist) and therefore felt obligated to see the final installment.

Yes I like the series, no I don’t like admitting it.

I stopped reading the books after Jacob made Bella’s baby his future wife using only his eyes. It was very monarchical, and maybe the last misguided-stab-at-romance straw. But that’s what Twilight is, right?  Continue reading “Bella Makes Her Final Kristen Stewart Face – ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ is Over”

Tyra ‘Booty-Tooch’ Banks Is Having Way Too Much Fun With Rob Evans

William Blake once said that there is no creature more terrifying than a smizing cougar burning bright in the forests of the night. You and I both know Blake was referring to Tyra Banks.

Many suspect that 38-year-old Banks – former supermodel, current whipped-cream addict and transgendered lost boy – is dating much younger America’s Next Top Model judge and ex-boxer/model Rob Evans.

Last week, Tyra told Jimmy Fallon that things with 24-year-old Rob are strictly business.

However, when she talks about him she giggles like a 15-year-old girl and compliments the crap out of him, repeatedly calling Fallon by his first name as if she were being grounded by mama five-head.

Continue reading “Tyra ‘Booty-Tooch’ Banks Is Having Way Too Much Fun With Rob Evans”

New ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Judges Are Virtual Unknowns, Just Like The Competition

Tyra Banks is running out of ideas for America’s Next Top Model. If the All-Stars and British Invasion cycles weren’t proof enough, “College Edition” is approaching and she’s officially replaced all the judges (except Kelly Cutrone) plus creative consultant Jay Manuel and runway coach “Miss” J. Alexander.

Nigel Barker has been switched out for fellow Brit and model Rob Evans, who will sit next to fashion blogger Bryan “Bryanboy” Grey Yambao on the ANTM panel along with Tyra and Kelly.  Continue reading “New ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Judges Are Virtual Unknowns, Just Like The Competition”

Pictures Of The Month (Fifteenth Edition)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sorry about the repeat offenders (Charlie Sheen, Tyra Banks, Carly Rae Jepsen, Rihanna, Ian Somerholder, Kathy Griffin, Joe Manganiello, Willow Smith, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj) some things just couldn’t be left out of this crazy slideshow that literally took all day to make. Continue reading “Pictures Of The Month (Fifteenth Edition)”

Tyra Banks Makes Room For New Faces, Fires Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel And Miss J

Tyra Banks and America’s Next Top Model co-creator Ken Mok have fired runway coach “Miss” J. Alexander, creative director Jay Manuel and judge since season two Nigel Barker.

That’s every recognizable face on the show besides Tyra, gone.

The three will have vanished by the 19th season (18 is currently running) and there’s no word on whether current harpy judge Kelly Cutrone will stay.

Barker told E! News that he wasn’t taken aback:

“It wasn’t a shock. I’m friends with Tyra and the producers. There had been a discussion that ratings were down and that something like this would happen.”  Continue reading “Tyra Banks Makes Room For New Faces, Fires Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel And Miss J”

Learning To Smile – With Your Host, Tyra Banks

I wish I could say that Tyra Banks taught me how to smile and “smize,” her trademark word for smiling with your eyes, but I’m a lost cause. You’d think after watching every single season of ANTM I’d have learned something.  Continue reading “Learning To Smile – With Your Host, Tyra Banks”

Tyra Banks Spits And Slurps Whipped Cream For Fun

On October 5th, Tyra Banks stopped by the Rachael Ray Show to help us visualize her disturbing love for whip-cream (random fact: she hates chocolate).

Apparently America’s Ex-Top Model likes to sit on the couch sucking the goop out of her hand while watching Gossip Girl.

In September while promoting her book, Modelland she said,

“I have a ritual, I squirt it in my mouth and I actually spit it out because when you spit it out it like holds itself into a ball and I sprinkle caramel on it and sit in front of the TV and it’ll last for about five minutes before melting…”

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ANTM “All-Star” Cast Revealed

Tyra ran out of ideas for America’s Next Top Model, and who can blame her after 16 seasons/cycles of the show. I was kind of hoping she’d do an ANTM with all male models, or bring back Janice Dickinson as a judge but instead she’s decided to compile a group of previous contestants.

She’s chosen 14 “fan favorites” from past cycles and lumped them together to cough get ratings cough cough I mean, compete…

  • Shannon Stewart, 27 (Cycle 1) 2nd place
  • Camille McDonald, 33 (Cycle 2) 5th place
  • Brittany Brower, 29 (Cycle 4) 4th place
  • Lisa D’Amanto, 30 (Cycle 5) 6th place
  • Bre Scullark, 26 (Cycle 5) 3rd place
  • Bianca Golden, 22 (Cycle 9) 4th place
  • Dominique Reighard, 27 (Cycle 10) 4th place
  • Isis King, 25 (Cycle 11) 10th place
  • Sheena Sakai, 24 (Cycle 11) 6th place
  • Allison Harvard, 23 (Cycle 12) 2nd place
  • Laura Kirkpatrick, 22 (Cycle 13)
  • Angelea Preston, 25 (Cycle 14) tied for 3rd/4th place
  • Kayla Ferrel, 20 (Cycle 15) tied for 3rd/4th place
  • Alexandria Everett, 22 (Cycle 16) 4th place

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