The Two Best Performances From ‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds Part One

The Voice battle rounds kicked off yesterday complete with the new “steal” button that can be used on contestants who were dismissed by their judge.

Don’t ask me why Jack Johnson-sounding “Santeria” whiteboy Collin McLoughlin was picked up and Christina’s guy, Nelly’s Echo, was not (at least hip urkel, De’Borah, is still in the running).  Continue reading “The Two Best Performances From ‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds Part One”

New Cee Lo,”Cry Baby,” Featuring Urkel

“Shhhhh, I’m Cee Lo Green.” Says Jaleel White in Cee Lo’s new video, released today.

Yes that’s actor behind Steve Urkel of Family Matters, the ultimate one-dimensional glasses/suspenders wearing nerd. Mouthing the words to Cee Lo’s new single “Cry Baby.” And he dances too, I guess.

I’m not sure what Cee Lo has against singing his own songs in his videos, as he had this same technique for half the “Fuck You” video, but it’s a catchy song. Not sure I love the video, let it play in the background. Don’t look at it.

Fatty boom boom.