Video: Veronica Falls – “Teenage”

The video for “Teenage” by Veronica Falls is charmingly low-budget and slightly frightening because it reminds me of those Super 8 movies Ethan Hawke obsesses over in Sinister.

The British indie band’s second album, Waiting For Something To Happen, comes out in February.

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Video: Veronica Falls – “Bad Feeling”

Former Royal We indie guitarist Roxanne Clifford (vocals) and drummer Patick Doyle teamed up back in 2009 with fellow string-plucker James Hoare and bassist Marion Herbain to form Veronica Falls in London.

Their self-titled debut album will be available not long before Halloween, on October 17th.

“Bad Feeling” and the rest of the Veronica Falls freshman effort was produced and engineered by Guy Fixsen (The Pixies, Lush) and Ash Workman (Klaxons, Metronomy)

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