Video: Jennifer Lopez – “Dance Again”

Jennifer Lopez REALLY ‘loves to make love’ to Casper Smart. Her words not mine. Other favorite hobbies include dancing, bodypaint, and making people uncomfortable.

I’m personally glad that my ceiling isn’t made of writhing naked people, and that gravity applies to my home. I have a body odor phobia. What’s that called? Bromidrophobia, thanks Google. Continue reading “Video: Jennifer Lopez – “Dance Again””

Video: Kat Graham – “Put Your Graffiti On Me”

That witch from The Vampire Diaries has a new song out and it’s loud and manic and colorful…everything you could ask for in a pulpy pop anthem, just in time for Spring.

Former strawberry Fanta girl Kat Graham goes apeshit sexy b-a-n-a-n-a-s in “Put Your Graffiti On Me,” hitting a cowbell with pink leopard print lips and a hoard of spray-painting knicker sluts.
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Video: Dev – “Take Her From You”

“Like A G6” and “In The Dark” singer Dev’s got a body in a bag, Audition style. Watch as she colorlessly drags it all over town. She’s pregnant in real life so I guess it’s a nice workout.

Walking around, driving, looking at the camera through heavily-lined eyes. Very relaxing. For anyone else, it’s a little scary and a good concept, but poorly delivered.

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Video: Die Antwoord – “Evil Boy”

I gave the weirdest band of 2012 award to Die Antwoord, who are the edgy, South African version of LMFAO. “Evil Boy” is over a year old but with the success of “I Fink U Freeky” on Letterman and everywhere else I find it less irrelevant.

The video rivals any of the weirdness you’d expect from Gaga and while it sounds like total sex-driven nonsense it’s actually about the forced circumcision ritual that African men in the Xhosa tribe have to endure. Continue reading “Video: Die Antwoord – “Evil Boy””