Vin Diesel IS NOT the Dancing Male Stripper of Your Dreams

Vin Diesel may look like he could pick you up and throw you against not just the wall but the ceiling and possibly Earth’s atmosphere and beyond, but his “moves” on the dance floor leave something to be desired.

Click to watch VD in soldier garb doing sex eyes for the camera, sway awkwardly and mouth the words to Katy Perry and Beyonce songs he’s not super familiar. Continue reading “Vin Diesel IS NOT the Dancing Male Stripper of Your Dreams”

Trailer: Riddick

Just when you think Vin Diesel has nothing going on (besides yearly Fast and the Furious movies and suggesting that Facebook owes him billions) he pulls another blockbuster out of his ass.

The near-forgotten franchise that began with Pitch Black in 2000 is back after 9 years (the last was The Chronicles of Riddick, in 2004). The latest movie aims to reminds us that Riddick is still dangerous.
Vin Diesel as Riddick 2013Riddick 2013 poster
Plot summary (via IMDb/Shock Till You Drop):  Click for stuff about bounty hunters and aliens…

Vin Diesel Should Stick to Driving and Being Buff

Vin Diesel singingWhen I was at Universal Studios last year I saw this whole Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift thing with pyrotechnics and cars flying out of the ground, I was like, “Where the hell is Vin Diesel?”

I’m aware he wasn’t even in Tokyo Drift, but whatever. I actually like him, and the whole studio tour would have been even cooler if he had popped out of a house on Wisteria Lane waving in his Riddick glasses.

He seems fun like Bruce Willis, if Bruce was bigger and not as good at acting. He also seems fun because he unabashedly sings questionable karaokeContinue reading “Vin Diesel Should Stick to Driving and Being Buff”