Paris Jackson: Out of the Psych Ward and Into the Frying Pan?

Paris Jackson instagramParis Jackson’s whirlwind week seems to finally be coming to an end, but is the teenage daughter of the most prolific pop star of all time in trouble beyond her recent hospital stay for a suicide attempt?

Of course she is. Celebrity offspring (Bobbi Kristina, Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, Mackenzie Phillips etc.) are like child stars who never had to work to get where they are. They’re a more unpredictable breed of socialites. Equally spoiled, yet more scrutinized.

Jackson’s psychiatric hold was lifted Saturday evening when she was transferred to UCLA Medical Center, the same hospital where Michael Jackson passed away.

A statement approved by Paris’ guardian, Katherine Jackson, released just after she cut her wrists said, “Being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are…”  Continue reading “Paris Jackson: Out of the Psych Ward and Into the Frying Pan?”

Are We Monsters For Wondering if Wade Robson Was Really One of Michael Jackson’s Victims?

Wade Robson Today ShowWhen I first heard that ‘N Sync/Britney choreographer Wade Robson was suing Michael Jackson’s estate, I thought, on the off-chance that he wasn’t an attention-seeking liar, he should have spoken up before Michael died.

I now feel kind of bad for thinking that, because, despite being cleared of charges, we know Michael Jackson molested kids just like we know O.J. killed Nicole. (Wade made sure to reminds us of that on The Today Show, where he called his alleged aggressor a “pedophile” and a “child sexual abuser.”)

We also know that Robson spent time with Michael as a child. So why wouldn’t we believe him? Is it the timing, or the fact that he denied wrongdoing and testified not against but for Michael Jackson in 2005?

Maybe a combination of both. But that’s stupid because we know that victims often come out years after abuse occurs. And you’d think the safest time would be after their abuser was dead, right?

“In order to heal, I have to speak the truth and speak the whole truth,” Robson told Matt Lauer.

If he is lying, he’s a horrible person. If he’s not, we’re all horrible people for calling him a liar.

I think he might be telling the truth. I just don’t know why telling the public and bringing Jackson’s remaining family members into it is part of the healing process. What do you think?