Since When Does Batman Sweat Outside His Suit?

The third set of stills from The Dark Knight Rises have come out and I’m a little curious about one picture in particular, where an assistant/Nolan lackey is dabbing Batman’s head with a cloth.

Is the suit sweating? Was there a stain on it? Was it not shiny enough?

Whatever the reason, it looks like a waste of time. You know what DOESN’T look like a waste of time? This epic fight scene between Baleman and Bane (Tom Hardy) near the Occupy Wall Street riots!

Government bailouts? BIFF. No health insurance? BAM. Student loans? THWACK. Damp tent? POW.

I’d really like to see that deep-voiced nutsack Batman taken down a notch for screwing over America/Gotham and letting Rachel Dawes die.

On a random note, the more I see Anne Hathaway in that Star Fleet costume the more I wish someone would put her in a bag and toss her in a lake. (Catwoman not Anne, they’re different, right?)

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Kanye West And Russell Simmons Occupy Wall Street

Many celebrities have visited the Occupy Wall Street protests (anti capitalism, lobbying, bailouts, pro-health care and education) and now you can include a few big names in the hip-hop industry.

Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam records, visited the protests in New York with Kanye West on Monday, Tweeting that although West was mobbed by fans, he was a great sport…

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