Sky Ferreira, I Love You, But WTF is ‘Omanko’ About?

Sky Ferreira wtfI’ve been pretty into Sky Ferreira since her As If EP and since her highly anticipated full-length album Night Time, My Time just dropped, I figure I’d take a second to talk about the non-single “Omanko.”

“Omanko,” a Japanese slang word for vagina, contains only a handful of lyrics, mainly “Oh, Japanese Jesus” and “I’m gearing up for a Japanese Christmas,” officially making it one of the weirdest pop songs ever.

So now that I/we SORT of know what it’s about, the question is WHY, Sky, why?

I don’t know much about her as a person besides that she’s a favorite of Terry Richardson and industry idols like Shirley Manson, but perhaps the heroin and ecstasy arrest earlier this year can help explain the incoherent weirdness. Continue reading “Sky Ferreira, I Love You, But WTF is ‘Omanko’ About?”

The Awkwardness Of ‘Drive,’ Starring Ryan Gosling

Drive is the latest misconstrued “action” film. It stars Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, who should win awards for starring in the best movie with basically no emotions or dialogue. The storyline is well-described by the one-liner spoken by Gosling in the ad, after being asked what he does for a living: “I drive.” Though in some ways, this is really about so much more, and so much less (you’d know if you saw it).

It’s true, Gosling does play a driver, an unnamed character with absolutely no backstory. The most we figure about the guy is that he’s exceedingly excellent at his “job” – all things automobile, and that he showed up seeking employment at a mechanic’s shop “a few years back.” This information is revealed to us by Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) who is one of only two characters that manage to show true human emotions. (The other is Carey Mulligan’s character’s son, played by Kaden Leos, and maybe her baby daddy too.)

If you want to rate this movie for its potential as a cult classic and/or “iconic” film, I’d actually place it somewhere between Pulp Fiction and Blue Velvet. Nowhere near the entertainment value of Pulp Fiction, though certainly better than Blue Velvet, and less weird at least than that. Drive is heavily stylized, driven (no pun intended) by melodic synthy faux 80’s music with a contrast of the usual moody cinema-orchestra instrumentals…

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Rose McGowan Looks Like An Alien During NY Fashion Week

I really like Rose McGowan, I think she’s funny and has a pretty decent career, appearing in one of my favorite movies, Jawbreaker, and favorite shows Nip/Tuck.

HOWEVER I don’t approve of her blatant plastic surgery addiction. In this photo of her at NY Fashion Week, her lips look like two pink burn-victim survivor slugs.

Her eyes and forehead seem forlorn, aggravated from all the needle injection points. Weird how most people who continuously get botox or cosmetic surgery are the ones who need it the least.