Kraft is Proud That There’s Mold (and Not Worms) in Their Capri Sun

capri sun moldEarly in 2012, a woman appeared on the local news in South Carolina after finding what she thought was a worm in her son’s Capri Sun.

Kraft sent a slightly famous, very apathetic response basically telling her that their products contain warnings about such things, and due to the wonderful non-use of preservatives (“a fact that many moms like”), it’s common for mold to form if the pouch has been punctured.

That description had me picturing fermentation directly after the sharp end of the straw hits its target.

And you know fermentation equals alcohol, which equals drunk children (a perfect explanation for bad behavior).  Continue reading “Kraft is Proud That There’s Mold (and Not Worms) in Their Capri Sun”

Aliens Discovered Near Volcanoes In New Zealand

National Geographic posted a variety of pictures of creatures discovered in Northern New Zealand in “Undersea mountains, continental slopes, canyons, and hydrothermal vents.”

The research area spanned 3,800 square miles around Kermadec Ridge and the species were both new and old to scientists. So maybe they’re not “aliens,” but close enough.

The polychaete worm (above) is a predator with projecting jaws. Other animals included squat lobsters, “Mickey Mouse” squid, “Hairy” crabs, black dragonfish, and tonguefish.  Continue reading “Aliens Discovered Near Volcanoes In New Zealand”

Lungless, Limbless Amphibian Discovered In India, Neither Worm Nor Snake

With all the endangered and extinct life forms out there it’s refreshing to hear about something new. It may not look like much, but several types of legless and armless amphibians called caecilians were just discovered in northeast India.

These animals, who lay transparent eggs and keep a watchful eye on their young for up to three months, are completely new to us. The team of scientists who found them spent five years and 2,000 hours searching/digging, revealing at least three previously unknown species.  Continue reading “Lungless, Limbless Amphibian Discovered In India, Neither Worm Nor Snake”