Video: Anne Hathaway Swinging On A Wrecking Ball

I know Jimmy Fallon is responsible for Lip Sync Battle and it was really amazing, especially when all Emma Stone did was win, BUT it’s hard to believe there’s an entire show on Spike based on the segment.
Also hard to believe: there are still people who HATE Anne Hathaway. Like, hate hate. All they do is sit around talking about her haircut and how annoying she is even though she’s a legitimately good actress, singer and Miley Cyrus impersonator.  Continue reading “Video: Anne Hathaway Swinging On A Wrecking Ball”

Funny Video: Betty White Swings on a Wrecking Ball

You’ve seen a million Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” parodies by now, but this one, featuring Golden Girl goddess Betty White, is rivaled only by the one with Nic Cage’s head pasted onto Miley’s naked body.

Hurry up and click to see Betty swing to and fro and brandish a sledgehammer in the name of her crazy Lifetime old folk prank show, Off Their Rockers.

GIF: Nicolas Cage Wrecks Balls Better Than Miley

Nicolas Cage as miley wrecking ball
Nearly everyone’s commented on the Wrecking Ball video featuring Miley Cyrus naked in what looks like a construction site from an unfinished shareware game, everyone, that is, except Nicolas Cage.

The man’s been a witch and treasure hunter, a ghost, a detective, and now he’s Miley in this amazing GIF submitted to Imgur yesterday by user EarlSweatshirt.  Continue reading “GIF: Nicolas Cage Wrecks Balls Better Than Miley”

Video: Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball”

I received a text the other day asking if I’d seen the Miley video where she is “naked swinging from a ball,” and I hadn’t, so I immediately YouTubed and found this.

And there’s really no twerking in “Wrecking Ball” at all because the adorable little boy with the growth hormones and piercing blue eyes is too busy licking hammers and grinding on the ashes of Tiffany and Sheena Easton and Britney Spears or anyone else who could be held responsible.  Continue reading “Video: Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball””