Lizard Squad Took Down Xbox Live AGAIN

lizard squad logoLizard Squad, a hacker group whose bio reads “Some lizards just want to watch the world burn,” have tapped into the Xbox Live servers for the second time this week, rendering it unavailable for several hours.

This directly affects me and therefore makes me angrier than She-Hulk with third world dysentery.

“Why are they doing this?” you may ask. Well, the “reasons” for hacking are eerily similar to the “reasons” people commit murder:

1. Just because they can. 2. It makes them feel powerful. 3. They like the attention.

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You Can Now Watch YouTube Videos From Your Xbox!

It’s official, with the new Xbox Live dashboard update, you can watch YouTube videos with a new app. They also added iHeartRadio. (Nothing else caught my attention)

Yes, apps on Xbox. I seem to remember a time when the word “app” only applied to mobile devices. Then it spread to iPads, plasma TVs and Xbox, though I’m aware the word is just short for “application,” there’s some strange separatism going on there.

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