Rihanna Plays Grab-Ass on a Boat, Bitch

Rihanna grabbing girl's buttSuperstar contrasting wearer of fluorescent Supra Skytops, trucker hats and Armani Rihanna took a break from rolling spliffs and dollar bills to spend time with supermodel flavor of the year, Cara Delevingne on a giant boat.

Delevingne has literally been seen with every British person ever (plus Rihanna). Harry Styles, Rita Ora, Kate Moss… whoever.

I’m convinced it’s because, like most models, Cara is offbeat looking. She’s slightly crosseyed and professionally scrawny, but she cleans up well. This is perfectly non-threatening for high-profile lady-friend-divas with inflated egos.

She deserves at least one pat on the butt and two tequila shots for banging greasy musician types (like Pete Doherty) instead of RiRi’s potential lovers. —–> MORE PHOTOS HERE. <—–

That’s Adrien Brody, Taking It On A Yacht

I’ve always thought of Adrien Brody as an actor version of Michael Jackson minus the Jesus Juice and the walking happy meals that visited him on Neverland Ranch. He’s really talented, but I don’t want to see him in any type of sexual situation.

Yet here he is, joking around in the shower on a yacht with his girlfriend Lara Lieto. They look like a fun couple, and he looks genuinely happy in the other pictures where his face is visible. I shouldn’t even be surprised that they take turns wearing the strap-on. Or maybe he just puts his nose in her?

Excuse me, I need to take a shower now too, to scrub this image from my eyes with industrial-grade soap infused with mandatory extra bleach.