If You Sit, You Die – New Study Kills Bloggers

I am completely fucked and so are you if your job consists of sitting at the computer, Googling memes and picking your nose until it bleeds.

Not that I ever thought sitting down was great cardio, but a new study is suggesting that sitting for three hours a day or more can cut two years off your life.

Author Peter Katzmarzyk says that on average, “Americans report they sit between four and a half to five hour a day” and that research proves that physical activity is key.

I still don’t understand whether or not this means that I can still sit as long as I also exercise, but I assume the answer is no. What I hear when I read this is…  Continue reading “If You Sit, You Die – New Study Kills Bloggers”

The 20th Anniversary of Super Nintendo (Best of SNES)

Everybody’s favorite classic gaming console is the Super Nintendo, originally released in North America on August 23, 1991. The “Super Nintendo Entertainment System” abbreviated “SNES,” had/has the widest assortment of iconic games of any system to date not to mention evolutionary graphics for their time, plus catchier songs than anything on Top 40 radio. It was a lucky thing to own a SNES in the 90’s, they originally went for around $200 but lowered to $99 in their later years.

SNES is the 7th bestselling console of all time (2nd best of the 90’s after Playstation) and that includes all recent consoles, not to mention inflation. I actually remember renting a SN and a few games (usually Donkey Kong) at the video store in the early 90’s. Nowadays, it’s practically unheard of to walk into a video store let alone rent a game AND an entire console. Now we have Redbox…

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