Video: Cults – “You Know What I Mean”

 I have a special connection with the band Cults (no relation to The Cult) because their album is one of only about 20 that I reviewed for the website MVRemix. I was assigned their debut and fell in love with them in an arranged musical marriage of sorts.

The NYC duo’s new single, which is from that very CD, arrives at the perfect time. Early in the year when everyone is the entertainment industry is too afraid or busy vacationing to release anything.

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Cults – Cults Album Review

Remember these two names, firstly, Madeline Follin, second, Brian Oblivion. These are the sole members of a shy NY group called Cults, a group with a “cult” following sure to grow into a full-fledged mania of devout hipsters in no time. You can hardly throw a discarded walkman into the music world without hitting some new band who are adorably capable of recreating sensory 60′s euphoria. Among them are notables such as She & Him, Best Coast and The Raveonettes.

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