Popular Boy Band Gets High

Zayn Malik getting high If only cell phone cameras had been around in the late ’90s and early 2000s, I could have seen Britney Spears inspecting Justin Timberlake’s crunchy hair for lice after dropping ecstasyor Backstreet Boy AJ McLean taking shots and playing NBA Street with Hooters girls instead of rehearsing.

What I get instead is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction filming his band mate in a car in Peru with a joint in his hand and a motorcycle cop literally right outside the window and dear God I just don’t care about this kind of music anymore. 

Don’t blame the weed. One Direction are definitely terrible role models, but only because they don’t play any instruments and have no discernible talent. If you combined all five of them into one man, that man might be moderately attractive.  Continue reading “Popular Boy Band Gets High”

Video: One Direction – “Best Song Ever”

Usually I try to post only two kinds of music videos on here, ones I really like, or ones that make me shit my pants in contempt. The video for “Best Song Ever” doesn’t quite qualify as either, it’s just really popular.

So popular that it broke a record on Vevo for most views in one day (over 10 million) because One Direction fans are nuts. In it, the boys take on various roles like a bald studio exec (Louis Tomlinson doing Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder), a choreographer, a nerd, an old dude and a sexy assistant.one direction in drag
I’m usually pretty “meh” about these guys but it’s worth watching just to see Zayn Malik in drag. Maybe Lorne Michaels should invite a few of them to host SNL? —-> GIFs HERE <—–

The Dark-Haired Guy From One Direction Cheated On The Blonde Girl From Little Mix

Zayn Malik Perrie EdwardsMy knowledge of British boy and girl bands doesn’t stretch beyond the Girls Aloud documentary and early fondness for BBMak and the Spice Girls, but since we’re all fascinated by celebrity misfortune, I’ll tell you about the latest cheating scandal involving perfectly groomed children of the UK.

One Direction’s Zayn Malik (“dark-haired guy” because his is the darkest of the four brunette members) has been dating Perrie Edwards (usually blonde, currently purple?) of the four-piece girl group Little Mix for about a year.

They were both on The X Factor in different seasons (7 and 8) and fans refer to them as “Zerrie” and think they’re the cutest couple in all of Disneyland or The Matrix or whatever.  Continue reading “The Dark-Haired Guy From One Direction Cheated On The Blonde Girl From Little Mix”