Tom Wilson, ‘Ziggy’ Cartoonist (August 1, 1931 – September 16, 2011)

The man behind the humorous simpleton “Ziggy,” a comic that he drew for over 17 years, passed away on Friday, September 16th. Tom Wilson, a former army veteran, died in his sleep of pneumonia in a Cincinnati hospital. He was 80 years old.

After the 18 years or so that he drew Ziggy (his son continued the tradition in 1987) his comic, the beloved and well-known Ziggy, became a huge hit. A cute little bald guy with a prominent schnauze.

The hilarity of Ziggy occurred in the everyday problems that he encountered, the humor was actually in the normalness of it all. Excuse me, WAS is an inappropriate word since Ziggy now runs in the pages of more than 500 newspapers in America…

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