Lady Gaga Really is A Man (For Her “You & I” Single)

Apparently I’m out of the loop. Lady Gaga has had a male alter-ego since September of last year, whom she calls “Jo Calderone.” Hmmm, Jo looks a lot like Al Pacino.

Lady Balls Balls tweeted the cover art for the “You & I” single cover art featuring the pop star in a very convincing drag getup. I saw it the other day briefly and wondered if it was Gaga’s new boyfriend or some artistic male inspiration of hers. Who knew.

It was revealed that the video for “You & I” will be released as Lady Gaga’s 1000th tweet, and she’s currently on 992, so it seems like that will probably be in a few weeks, who knows how long or short she wants to play that game for.

@ladygaga – You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don’t love yourself. #You&ISingleCover.
@ladygaga The Music Video for “Yoü and I” will be my 1000th Tweet
The video for “You & I” is being kept partially in the dark, though we do know it is a follow-up to the “Telephone” video. Apparently it features our queen of monster mayhem wandering through Nebraska, her boyfriend Luc Carl’s hometown. So yes, “You & I” is a love song written for him. She was interviewed on ABC radio by David Blaustein last week.
 “It does take place in Nebraska, and I’m walking all the way from New York City to find this guy, and as I’m walking my feet start to bleed and I begin to get very tired, and all these strange things start to happen in a cornfield in the middle of nowhere.”
“It’s meant to be interpreted in as many ways as you can interpret it and I intend, through the visuals, as I always do, to elevate what the song began being about and start to morph and change it into something otherworldly and surreal.”
Speaking of otherworldly and surreal. That mobsters mugshot cover art thing fits that description to a tee. Well, Jo may not look like her, but he certainly enjoys the same cigarettes as Lady Gaga. Fascinating.
Jo first appeared in Japanese vogue in 2010. Here are some earlier images of her/him.

One thought on “Lady Gaga Really is A Man (For Her “You & I” Single)

  1. Oooh, i like this. there are so many BORING posts/articles on this kind of juicy popular culture commentary – i’m happy to see one that isn’t a lame-ass-gay-face-fooker (which, just to qualify that statement, i am as well) post.


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