Would Kurt Cobain Be Proud of Frances Bean? …Probably

New photos of Frances Bean Cobain, the result of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s “Evian water/battery acid” relationship, as he called it, have surfaced. The photos come from Heidi Slimane’s “diary.” She’s looking quite, trashy chic? I guess they’d call it. She reminds me of Asia Argento, actually, in these photos.

I know we were all wondering what would happen to this girl after her father died and she was left with that bag of eccentricity, Courtney Love, who I happen to be a big fan of musically, and for comedy’s sake, and toughness. But the country was skeptical of Frances’ fate and what impact her father’s death would have on her, regardless of his or Courtney’s celebrity stigma.

Here she is though, Frances Bean Cobain, the goddaughter of both Drew Barrymore and Michael Stipe… a stunning combination of well, mostly Courtney, but there’s a little of the Cobain vulnerability shining through.

One thought on “Would Kurt Cobain Be Proud of Frances Bean? …Probably

  1. Are you a mother? Well if you are I would like the spotlight to be on you everyday. Looking at all your ever moves. ANd if your not. Who are you to be looking at these artistic photos and judging them? Frances, is a beautiful young girl, her dad would be more then proud of her. He would not be happy with this article though.


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