Megan Fox Can Do Comedy?? DUH

Judd Apatow’s wife, and a female comedic actress in her own right, Leslie Mann was at the L.A. premiere for her movie The Change Up and started talking about Judd’s new project, the confirmed Knocked Up spinoff.

A spinoff which co-stars none other than my favorite quirky, mentally-unfit-to-raise-a-goldfish, hot ghost lady, Megan Fox. Here is the exact mumble-tastic quote from Leslie:

“Megan Fox is so funny yeah she’s hilarious, I, you know, you wouldn’t, I mean I dunno if other people, I dunno, I think she’s really funny.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Okay, I’M not surprised. I dunno if anyone else saw her on Saturday Night Live, Jennifer’s Body (everybody misunderstood that movie) or the indie comedy How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, but this is the only kind of “acting” Mrs. David Silver or as I like to call him Brian Austin G (emphasis on “G,” it’s an ironic gangster name) should be doing.

So, Dear Megan Fox:

Don’t ever be in a “serious” movie unless it is credible. And that obviously means avoiding stinkers about angels and saxophone players (Passion Play, straight to DVD). Otherwise please stick with comedies, because there are tons of good-looking actresses who can’t compete with Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep.

Cameron Diaz for instance, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, that other Jessica, Biel. I’m a personal fan of at least one of all their projects. There’s Something About Mary, Desperate Housewives, Idle Hands, Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. All good.

P.S: Stop being such a diva on set and bad-mouthing Michael Bay. I know he’s an ass. But just stop.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who? (Here’s a link to the video of Leslie talking about briefly about Megan).

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