Kanye and Jay-Z Debut Boring New “Otis” Video

Look man, I already heard this song last month and found it boring, now Kanye and Jay-Z have released “Otis” as a video, and it’s still boring. Kanye West  hasn’t excited me in ages, not to mention I am 1,000% sure that he only actually release two songs from each album that are even capable of musically interesting the general non-fanatical community.

Jay-Z is a legendary rapper, but 2003 was his last huge moment, with “99 Problems” looming. Perhaps his Beyonce cameos too, I mean those are pretty great but “Crazy In Love” was also as far back as 2003.

Basically what you get when you combine two of the biggest names in hip-hop, is the New York Rangers, a team that buys big-name players but never actually wins anything, the chemistry is minimal, and they both end up outshining eachother, or canceling one another out. That is exactly what happens on this Otis Redding tribute, which features a sample from Redding’s 1966 hit song “Try A Little Tenderness.”

“Otis” is an obvious attempt at recreating 2005’s “Gold Digger” by Kanye West and Jamie Foxx, however, it falls short of that by hundreds and hundreds and millions of miles

I am guessing that future tracks from Jay-Z and Kanye’s collaboration album Watch The Throne, released August 8th, will be bigger hits. Especially the Beyonce contribution “Lift Off,” and also “Gotta Have It” and the soulful “No Church In The Wild,” featuring Frank Ocean. Otherwise this CD is boring boring boring. Even “Lift Off” is kinda juiceless, honestly, it’s only Beyonce as a guest that even makes it worth mentioning.

The video itself seems almost an answer to Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video, depicting Jay-Z and K.West zooming around in some matchbox car with a few rejected Urban Outfitters models, or standing in front of said doorless matchstick car, and also there’s an American flag. AND comedian Aziz Ansari in sunglasses. Why god why.


What do you think?

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