ANTM “All-Star” Cast Revealed

Tyra ran out of ideas for America’s Next Top Model, and who can blame her after 16 seasons/cycles of the show. I was kind of hoping she’d do an ANTM with all male models, or bring back Janice Dickinson as a judge but instead she’s decided to compile a group of previous contestants.

She’s chosen 14 “fan favorites” from past cycles and lumped them together to cough get ratings cough cough I mean, compete…

  • Shannon Stewart, 27 (Cycle 1) 2nd place
  • Camille McDonald, 33 (Cycle 2) 5th place
  • Brittany Brower, 29 (Cycle 4) 4th place
  • Lisa D’Amanto, 30 (Cycle 5) 6th place
  • Bre Scullark, 26 (Cycle 5) 3rd place
  • Bianca Golden, 22 (Cycle 9) 4th place
  • Dominique Reighard, 27 (Cycle 10) 4th place
  • Isis King, 25 (Cycle 11) 10th place
  • Sheena Sakai, 24 (Cycle 11) 6th place
  • Allison Harvard, 23 (Cycle 12) 2nd place
  • Laura Kirkpatrick, 22 (Cycle 13)
  • Angelea Preston, 25 (Cycle 14) tied for 3rd/4th place
  • Kayla Ferrel, 20 (Cycle 15) tied for 3rd/4th place
  • Alexandria Everett, 22 (Cycle 16) 4th place

To be honest, I’ve seen all but maybe two seasons of this show and I only really remember Lisa, Bre, Bianca and Alexandria. There are too many contestants, it’s like trying to remember the entire original and new casts of Annie on broadway since 1977.

Bre was arrested in 2009, Bianca was perhaps the craziest girl besides Jade to ever be on the show, Isis is the first and only transgender ever to appear on ANTM and Alexandria was of course the hilariously bitchy queen of excuses last season. We seem to be missing cast members from cycles 3, 6, 7, and 8.

The all-star judges have also been revealed and include: Nicki Minaj, Tyson Beckford, Kathy Griffin, Ashlee Simpson, LaToya Jackson and The Kardashian sisters. ANTM cycle 17 airs September 14th on CW.

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