I Know You’re Already Aware, But Juggalos Are SCARY

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Check out the scary scary slideshow (above) of random juggalos and juggalettes, and some of the performers at the event….

The annual Gathering of The Juggalos took place on August 11, 2011 in Illinois, and I cannot emphasis enough how terrified I am of these people.

It’s not like I sit in my house shivering, waiting for a bunch of painted-clown face wiggers to bust into my house and kill me. They’re just so weird, and beyond my sense of reality. I could say I don’t know what goes through their fumigated heads, but it’s simple. Beer. Clowns. Music. Beer. Tits. ICP.

This year a wonderfully varied group of characters performed at the festival, such as Lil’ Jon, Ice Cube, the other ice: Vanilla, MC Hammer, Dustin Diamond, Ron Jeremy, Xzibit, Tech N9ne, Flavor Flav, Juvenile, George Clinton and of course the founders of the festival, Insane Clown Posse.

Wow, I’m sad soooo sad that I missed all those cool and relevant people in one place.

One other notable guest showed up, winning warlock Charlie Sheen in a Michael Myers t-shirt. And guess who got booed and covered in garbage?

Have you ever seen those SNL Underground Rock Festival [MRS. POTATO DICK] videos? I dunno if you know but they’re parodies of The Gathering Of The Juggalos’ promotional videos. Makes me chuckle everytime.

Also, for exceedingly dark-humored laughs check out the even more terrifying naked juggalette (lady clown face people) photo gallery on The Village Voice. NSFW and horrific, THE most frightening boobs you will ever see in your entire life, no joke. Not for the weak.

[Slideshow pictures courtesy of Nate “Igor” Smith]

3 thoughts on “I Know You’re Already Aware, But Juggalos Are SCARY

  1. YEah mofo, this chic knows nothing, watz it to be the realjugg. SHE Wuold get her ass plastered at a concert.


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