Frances Bean Cobain is 19 Today, Poses For Rocky Schenck

Frances Cobain is famous for being a hermit or let’s say, she’s a normal person, to word it differently. She is not known for crazy celebrity antics or photo shoots or red carpet premieres.

She did, however, appear on Heidi Slimane’s website a few weeks ago, in some potentially iconic stills.

Apparently, she chooses her photo shoots and photographers quite meticulously. New photos of Frances have surfaced, this time they are by Rocky Schenck, esteemed music video director (Adele, Joni Mitchell, Alice In Chains) and photog.

On this day in 1992, you were born to loving, badass rock star parents. Happy birthday Frances! I seriously wish I could be careless-classy-grunge-chic like you. But I don’t smoke, I am however, hopelessly pale. Almost there.

Oh and everything I am
miles and miles of perfect skin
I swear I do, I fit right in

…Give me a reason to be beautiful.

(“Reasons To Be Beautiful,” by Hole)

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