30 Witches In Pop Culture

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Like many children, I was terrified of witches from the time I can remember up until, like 8th grade.

It was the trifecta of children’s horror movies that really got me, Snow White, The Wizard Of Oz and it’s cult classic sequel, Return To Oz from 1985.

Sleeping Beauty, The Witches and the original The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe on BBC in 1988 (my mom used to rent it from the library for us) didn’t help much either.

What can be more memorable than Angelica Huston’s face-morph scene in the screen adaptation of The Witches, by Roald Dahl? Or Mary Shaw’s curved finger pointing directly and uncomfortably at you in Dead Silence? The older generation remembers The Wizard of OZ, the line “I’m melting” forever imprinted in our brains along with Judy Garland’s stoic terror as she finally gets past the witch’s henchmonkeys and melts the shit out of that green bitch.

After my three other slideshows (Actresses Who Deserve To Be Superstars, Famous Short People, and Mermaids in Pop Culture) I decided to do a follow-up to the mermaid’s slideshow, but with witches. Oohhh girl. Since I am no longer afraid of witches, well except for ventriloquist ghost witches, I find it fitting to compile this comprehensive slideshow of 33 witches in pop culture.

I know it says “30 Witches In Pop Culture” but I lied. I’m a title liar.

I’m lobbying for more witches (and mermaids) to appear in more movies, TV, video games, music videos, and comics, because they have more supernatural “options” than vampires.

[Vampires = yawn. Witches = terror boner]

I also just realized I left out Michele Bachmann! Crap.

Eres una bruja.

6 thoughts on “30 Witches In Pop Culture

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