Shel Silverstein’s Posthumous Book – Every Thing On It

September 20, 2011, mark your calendars! The Internationally beloved children’s poet Shel Silverstein has a posthumous book coming out.

Every Thing On It is Silverstein’s second book (after 2005’s Runny Babbit) to come out after his tragic death in 1999. This upcoming collection contains around 14o unpublished poems.

Shel Silverstein is one of two of the most recognized children’s poetry authors alongside Dr. Seuss. He wrote the song “A Boy Named Sue,” which was recorded by Johnny Cash. He had 15 albums, and various poetry books, the most famous were his three collections, Where The Sidewalks Ends (1974)  A Light In The Attic (1981) and Falling Up in 1996.

His cartoons, included alongside his poems, were vital to his storytelling skills, which were second to none. (See the Gardener poem, below)

He could make us laugh and cry from page to page, causing children of the 70’s 80’s and 90’s to memorize his work and demand copies of his books. The Giving Tree is perhaps the most memorable, a poem and separate book in itself, about a tree who gave too much and a young boy who took too much.

Shel was nominated for not only a Grammy but also a Golden Globe AND an Oscar for “A Boy Named Sue” and “I’m Checkin’ Out” from the Carrie Fisher film Postcards From The Edge.

Rest in peace, talent.

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