Mark & Donnie Wahlberg’s “Wahlburgers” Restaurant

Mark, Donnie and Paul (the unknown chef brother) Wahlberg are opening a burger restaurant in Boston. The brothers already operate the well-known Italian restaurant Alma Nove, and have plans to also start their own pizzeria next Spring.

Wahlburgers will open across from Alma Nove, at Hingham Shipyard in Boston Massachusetts and will include outdoor and indoor seating that can accommodate around 120 guests.

I wonder if the burgers will be named after Mark Wahlberg movies? Or  Marky Mark songs, or New Kids On The Block songs! Oh my god…

Menu items should include:

  • Fighter Burger (with pepper jack cheese, huevos, spicy sauce)
  • Good Vibrations Burger (pineapples, avocado)
  • The Right Stuff (angus burger with pickles, mustard, jalapenos, bacon, mushrooms)
  • Entourage Burger (triple patty)
  • The Happening (bananas, bleu cheese, marinated in Sunny D)
  • Boogie Nights (sausage, white sauce)
  • The Italian Job (meatballs, marinara,  provolone)
Good luck bros! I would totally go to your burger restaurant if I could afford it and also if I lived on the East Coast.

What do you think?

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