15 thoughts on “60 Biggest Douchebags In The Entertainment Industry

  1. Why is Larry the Cable Guy I don’t think he’s a douche and I don’t really know dr. Phil but why him on there


  2. The fact that you can make a list of 60+ people you think are douchebags says more about you then the people on the list.


    1. Hey, guy. Calling me a douche for calling other people douches makes you a douche. Are you sad that you’re not famous and didn’t make the slideshow?


  3. If you want to be a great christmas giver go out and spend some dough on Marykay, you might just see santa in your stockings then.


  4. And yet most everyone that sees this will still buy whatever these assholes hawk, they may be DBs, but know people will still continue to make them rich!


  5. gOOD TO SEE oBAMA Made the list, would like to see both the Clinton’s on here, along with Anderson Cooper and Jimmy Fallon, Tina fey, the whole cast of SNL.

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