‘Maggot Burger’ Served At Colorado State Fair

Jungle George‘s food stand at the Colorado State Fair includes some very interesting menu options. One is a “Maggot Melt Sandwich,” which is melted cheese and maggots between bread.

Founder/owner George Sandefur’s official “Jungle George’s Exotic Meats and Bugs” menu also includes crickets, scorpions, alligator, buffalo and ostrich.

At various fairs in the past George has made glazed donut hotdogs and fried jellybeans famous.

Manager Rodney Wright says,

“Our booth is all about being different…everybody has hot dogs, corn dogs and funnel cakes. We’re trying to do something different.”

Well, it is different. One news reporter  at the state fair, held in Pueblo, described it as ‘crunchy like sunflowers.’ It actually looks like french fries, until you look closely and see the maggot’s heads.

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