Cop Caught In Sex Act

A cop in Santa Fe, New Mexico was caught on a Canyon Ranch security camera having sex on top of a car. It wasn’t a cop car, but he was in full uniform, so it’s causing quite a ruckus with the press.

The officer, Bert Lopez, is not being charged with a crime but is on administrative leave until the media frenzy dies down a little.

NM state police spokesman, Sgt. Tim Johnson told the press,

“At this point we do not believe any criminal activity occurred.”

Yeah, I certainly hope having sex isn’t illegal? He was probably on duty, since he was in uniform, but I really don’t see how it would be a crime unless she was a hooker or trying to get out of a ticket, in which case, I’m sure it totally worked.

However Sgt. Johnson isn’t laughing, stating,

“It’s unfortunate; the department is embarrassed. During that bad decision, there were probably 400 other officers out doing their jobs and making the correct decision.” 

Sounds like someone’s grumpy and jealous. Also, poor Bert Lopez might be fired for his conduct, just as he’s becoming everyone’s favorite cop.

Lopez has been a member of the force for eight years and was awarded the 2010 police officer of the year award within the Santa Fe district

[What’s with the dog that’s watching them? Getting tips on how to front-face mount some lucky bitch/ladydog, perhaps?]

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