Video: Marilyn Manson – “Born Villain”

It’s no shock that Marilyn Manson’s new NSFW video “Born Villain,” gave me the creeps within the first 10 seconds for its eerie silent haircutting scene. The song is an upcoming single from Manson’s untitled eighth studio album, due this year or the beginning of next.

It’s also no surprise that this video is age-restricted on YouTube. Which just means you can still be 12 and watch it, you just need an account.

It’s less surprising that Shia LaBeouf directed this video, in all its whispering, skin-piercing, head-shaving, full-frontal glory.

Shia seems pretty unphased by it all, saying how he ‘had a really fun time doing it’ and it allowed him to be creative and work with his idols and also that his fans and Marilyn’s are very different…

“There are fans of mine who aren’t fans of Manson’s and vice versa; that’s why I think our collaboration is interesting. I don’t really see it on paper…I don’t see fans of mine who went to see ‘Holes’ when they were 12 loving this. I don’t think my audience is the only thing I should exercise my artistic muscle for. I don’t necessarily always do things for the audience; this is one of those.” 

And on his affection for Manson,

“I love Marilyn…Manson is like a brother to me now. He’s a real sweet dude, a real close friend.”

This does not surprise me, since I’ve always heard that Marilyn Manson is a nice guy, I just think he’s so lost in drugs that he’s sometimes functioning on another plane of reality.

However, he is intelligent, and people need to look past what he does in his music videos, just like how they need to see that Howard Stern is brilliant. At least once Trent Reznor started doing movie soundtracks (The Social Network) people forgot that he repeatedly sang about fucking like animals.

What do you think?

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