Gene Simmons Finally Put A Ring On It

And by “it,” I mean former Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed. After 28 years as a couple, two kids, and all the infidelity issues of a white-tailed jackrabbit, Gene Simmons finally decided to get hitched.

Simmons, 62, proposed in Belize. The wedding will take place at Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Kiss frontman is famous for saying things like:

“Marriage? Forget it. It`s not for me.”

The proposal took place in July, but nobody knew the exact answer that Shannon Tweed gave until now…

Okay, I know this is really morbid, but I was looking at pictures of them together and I started wondering…

What happens to plastic surgery after you die? I mean if you have it, it doesn’t decompose properly with your body, and one day your coffin is filled with bones and a silicon butt, lips or tits, just floating there like a translucent jellyfish corpse?

Or if you get cremated, how much worse does it smell in the oven? 

What do you think?

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